What is an Endowment?

Endowments are explained in detail here You can also click here to access our endowment calculator and get a sense for how endowments can use compound interest to help schools.

Are You the Van Buren Public Schools Education Foundation?

No, CAFf and VBPSEF are two separate organizations that are both helping to fund education in our district. It is an issue that needs all of our help—whether it takes one, two, or 10 organizations, we’re all on the same team. VBPSEF has an excellent donation record and we encourage you to donate to their projects as well. So what’s the difference? CAFf emphasizes developing endowment instruments. Otherwise, CAFf and VBPSEF are coordinating, and in fact, one of our members sits on both boards.

Is it Safe to Donate Online?

Absolutely. The service that handles our donations, Network for Good, is safe and secure. If you have any further concerns about the online donation system, or would prefer to donate offline, please send us an email at development@caff-vbps.org.

Other Inquiries

Send other questions or suggestions to info@caff-vbps.org


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